Budget Friendly Publicity Tips

Operating a successful business is a multi-faceted venture. While superior products and service are the backbone of your business, you might consider promoting your company over a variety of platforms. In addition to protecting your assets with Commercial Insurance Orlando, try these budget friendly publicity tips to further grow and develop your trade.

Avoid Comparisons to Others- While competitors may have a bigger publicity budget, that does not necessarily mean they have superior products. Marketing and sales consultant Bert Martinez emphasizes “See what the big guys are doing for creative purposes, but by comparing yourself, you can sometimes fall into a victim mindset.”

Examine Infrastructure- Motivated employees and prepared business partners can help to successfully take on local competitors. Author of Marketing from the Trenches Rudolph Waldner said “You’ve got to create a solid infrastructure using the three P’s- your People, Place of Business and Business Partners.” This means prepping for unusually long lines, working longer hours, having a clean store and evident signage, and scheduling knowledgeable employees.

Local Partnership- Teaming up with local charities and organizations that have their own PR budgets can help to promote your company. Consider allowing events to be hosted at your store or venue in exchange for free publicity and traffic growth.

Establish Customer Relationships- Familiarizing yourself with regulars, adding personal touches to marketing materials, and developing tailored products to gear towards your customers are all great ways to establish lasting rapport with your clientele.

Utilize Social Media- Email marketing has immense profit potential and is very inexpensive. Ask for your customer’s emails upon payment to gain a better idea of who shops at your store consistently. Social media can be used to promote sales and drive business, as well.

Get Creative- Impressing customers and making a lasting impression doesn’t require a hefty PR budget. “If you don’t have a big budget, you have to get creative and get your customers enthralled. Create compelling offers year-round that will get customers talking,” says Alyson Lex, CEO ofa local marketing company.

While PR may be expensive, there are numerous ways you can promote your business in a cost-friendly manner. At Newman Crane, we are here to safeguard your property, your assets, and your employees. Our coverage can be tailored to meet your specific risk exposures to ensure you are completely protected. To learn more, contact our specialists today at (407) 859-3691.