Workers Comp Insurance: Physical Therapy Benefits Workers Comp

Workers Compensation insurance

Workers Comp Insurance: Physical Therapy Benefits Workers Comp

When a worker injures themselves on the job, workers comp insurance is designed to protect them. It is in the best interest of the employer and employee to get healthy so they can return to work.

When you injure or damage one of the muscoskeletal parts of the body, treating physicians will often send an injured employee to a physical therapist. Physical therapy is designed to help you relieve pain, move better, and improve your physical function. Treatment plans include focusing on flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and/or balance to restore daily movement.

Physical therapists help patients to develop a total treatment plan. The first step is to alleviate pain and swelling. This is followed by stretching, walking, and various types of exercise to improve strength and coordination. Patients are given exercises to do at home to continue to rehabilitate. Finally, patients are educated on how to avoid re-injury.

Another alternative is opiods. However, the use of opiods in pain management is a growing concern not only to individual health but also contributes to rising workers comp costs. Patients who use opiods for pain medication run a greater risk of addiction and increased disability. In addition, the recovery time is actually longer than when using other treatment methods.

The goal of physical therapy is to help to regain the employee’s normal body movements prior to when they were injured. The treatment plans can have long term benefits and be a more effective solution than prescribing pain medication for example.

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Source: Workers Comp Wire

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