Why Your Orlando Business a Needs Mobile Site

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Why Your Orlando Business a Needs Mobile Site

Mobile is everywhere. You just need to glance around. Smartphones are tiny bright dots of light swaying at a concert, they hold a permanent position next to the fork at a restaurant table, and have caused numerous collisions on the sidewalk between pedestrians unable to tear their nose from the screen.

Forbes recently compiled a list of mobile internet trends to get a sense of the future of mobile traffic. Here are a few of the top ones:

  • Nearly half of all American kids want an iPad for Christmas.
  • Global mobile traffic now represents roughly 13 percent of Internet traffic- it has increased 4 percent in the last two years as more people are buying items through their phone, using them to validate coupons, or checking social media sites and using the GPS apps.
  • Numbers from Pew Research Center show that nearly a third of all American adults own a table or e-reader. Only three years ago, that number was 2 percent.

What’s more, this phenomenon is only beginning. While a lot of hype is thrown about regarding the “mobile revolution,” in reality there are 5 billion mobile phone users in the world, but only 1 billion have smartphones. Globally, the mobile revolution is only beginning, and smartphone use is growing by 42 percent a year.

The bottom line is this: mobile is growing. Fast. And one of the most crucial steps to becoming a mobile savvy business is optimizing your website. No longer limited to the desktop, your website could be viewed on a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile use, it can be a huge traffic deterrent and you could lose customers. You want a responsive, well-designed site that adapts to fit every screen.

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