Winter Park Shopping Center Insurance: Reaching Post-Holiday Shoppers

Newman Crane

As the owner of a shopping center, you are likely aware of the challenges retailers face during the weeks after the holidays. Most shoppers only come to return or exchange some merchandise or use gift cards. Visits to your shopping center become more of a necessity than they do a post-holiday destination. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. You have a unique opportunity in your Central Florida location. Even if you are an outdoor shopping center, shoppers don’t have to withstand cold winter temperatures to in order to visit. So, how exactly can you use your shopping center location to your advantage? Here are a few ideas.

Host Free Movie Nights. Families can bring their lawn chairs, blankets, snacks, etc. and enjoy the featured presentation of the evening for free. Shop and restaurant owners in your center can take advantage of this by offering promotions or free products to get potential customers into their stores.

Maintain or Improve Your Center’s Appearance. This could mean upgrading indoor or outdoor furniture or adding “Mommy Lounges” to your center’s restrooms. Customers look for convenience when they are out shopping, and these additions could attract shoppers you might not have otherwise had during this slow season.

Advertising. Be sure to utilize whatever mediums you can to get your message out there. Social Media is great for retailers, but it can also be a very advantageous tool for shopping centers as well. Share things such as promotions and events going on in your center, and what great new Spring product is coming into some of your stores. Other methods of advertising include direct mail coupons inviting customers to get discounts on particular days, newspaper  and magazine ads, or signs out in front of your center.

These are just a few ways that you can use the location of your shopping center to your advantage. At Newman Crane, we know that you face an innumerable amount of exposures as a business that invites thousands of consumers to come through its doors on a daily basis. We offer comprehensive Central Florida Shopping Center Insurance services that include options that can be tailored to specifically fit your Business needs. Please contact us today for more information at (407) 859-3691.