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Want a second opinion on a new dress when you’re out shopping by yourself? Looking for the latest fashion trend? With the retail technology, now you can. Facebook “likes” isn’t just for staying in touch anymore. Now it’s making its way into the store.

According to Mashable, retailer C&A in Brazil has started a marketing initiative that combines Facebook likes and a shoppers’ in-store experience. Known as FashionLike, whenever someone “Likes” a clothing item online it is tallied on a screen embedded in the clothing hanger on the store’s physical racks. A customer can instantaneously see what the hottest item is in the store based on the number of real-time social media likes.

Other retailers are streamlining the “trying-on” process in store. At the John Lewis department store in London, shoppers can try several outfits on without ever changing their physical clothes. A mirror installed by Cisco Systems uses a 3D camera to capture a person’s shape and uses it to digitally “try on” different outfits. With a swipe of their hand, customers can see how they look in a blue dress versus the patterned one without removing a single article of clothing.

On the same note, Bloomingdale’s store in New York’s Upper East Side erected several digital screens, one for each luxury brand such as Fendi & Prada, in storefront windows; the screen let passersby virtually try on designers sunglasses as they walk by.

The integration of digital technology, social media and the retail experience is an indicator of what’s to come. Bloomberg Business Week estimates that 85% of retail purchases will be influenced by some form of digital media in 2015. The huge challenge that digitalizing the retail world faces is ensuring that the technology not only meets a particular consumer need but adapts it seamlessly into the customer experience.

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