Orlando Workers Comp

For those who work in the Orlando automotive industry, hazards can lurk in places they wouldn’t expect. Fluid leaks from automobiles present the risk of a slip and fall, heavy machinery must be handled appropriately, and safety gear must be worn. Common sense and diligence are the best ways to prevent serious accidents at the garage, but here are some auto mechanic safety tips to share with your staff as well.

Wear Eye Protection: Glasses or goggles will protect your eyes from fumes, chemical spills, and metal particles. As you likely know, the machinery of a garage is powerful and can cause dangerous objects to fly errantly at high speeds.

Use All Safety Equipment: For example, a band saw always comes with a safety cover. Be sure to use this whenever the machine is not in use.

Keep the Floor Clean: It’s good practices to keep a spill kit handy since chemical spills are more complicated to clean up than other liquids. Mechanics might also want to wear boots with extra traction and steel toes.

Use Gloves: Mechanics work with chemicals and objects that reach dangerously high temperatures, making this absolutely necessary.

If everyone in your automotive shop, from the management down to the apprentices, takes a disciplined approach toward every day safety, this will decrease the chance of accidents dramatically, and may even reduce the chance of a Orlando Workers Comp claim happening as a result. At Newman Crane, we understand that your Orlando auto repair business faces unique risks on a daily basis. We have experience insurance agents whose expertise is in providing custom, competitively priced policies to clients in your industry. Contact us today for more information at (407) 859-3691.

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