Orlando Retail Insurance: ROI of Trade Shows

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Orlando Retail Insurance ROI of Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great opportunity for retailers. It is a great time to discover new vendors, network with clients, and get tips to boost your retail operation’s business. But they are also time consuming and costly endeavors. And not all retail trade shows may be right for your business. So how do you determine what is a good fit?

Evaluate the show. After you go to a tradeshow, take a moment to see if it is the right venue for your business. Try to identify any separate variables from the trade show itself. For example, if you sent employees who had not been trained to capitalize on the contacts they made at the booth, it may be your team that hurt your chances rather than the trade show itself.

Always go to the same show twice. There are a multitude of factors that affect your success at a trade show. When evaluating trade shows, always go to the same show twice. It also gives you a better chance at establishing a brand presence. For example, when customers typically attend a show with certain brands in mind that they will actively seek out. By keeping with a two-show policy, your first show gives you the chance to get noticed. The second trade show, you increase the opportunity of getting shopped. It will give you a more clearer picture of the success of a particular trade show and you can make a definitive call about whether it is beneficial for your business.

Track all show sales. Keep a careful account of all trade show sales that you made. If you made a contact that generated great business later, make sure to chalk it up to the success of the trade show. Follow-up can be a great tool in capitalizing on trade show success.

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