Orlando Retail Business Insurance: Time Management Tips for Managers

Time Management Tips for Managers

Orlando Retail Business Insurance: Time Management Tips for Managers

It’s easy for retail managers and owners to become overwhelmed by multiple demands, especially during the holidays. Many independent retail owners are pulled in various different directions. It’s the nature of the business. Unfortunately, being too overwhelmed could result in the business not moving forward financially.

Time management starts with what you focus on as you come to work for the day. It helps to start each day being in control with a positive attitude. Here are some time management tips for retail managers that could help you stay sane this season.

Create a List. List every professional and even personal task you need to finish in that day. Then prioritize the items on your list to focus your day or even your week with the most important items. If you don’t get everything done, at least you got the most important.

Set Daily Sales Goals. Give everyone you’re working with their own sales goal based on your overall number. Unless you tell them what you expect them to sell, there will be no focus on their part to moving your merchandise.

Train. If you are hearing the same questions over and over, chances are your employees need additional training. You may have seasonal employees who are unfamiliar with policies and procedures. Provide seasoned employees with the responsibility of coaching the temporary staff in your store so that you have less on your plate.

Plan. Answering emails, updating your social media sites- all of this can suck away your time quickly. Schedule a certain time each day to check on these and respond, and stick to it!

Review. Be sure to review and assess your staff, praising the workers who are doing well and coaching the ones who are struggling. People who feel valued will be more likely to take on more responsibility, accept new training, and will ultimately lessen your burden.

It’s important to realize that seizing control of your time in the retail industry requires changing your attitude about who is in control. At Newman Crane, we understand your dedication to your Orlando Retail Operation and we have Orlando Business Insurance plans to protect your store from a number of potential losses. Please contact us today at (407) 859-3691 for more information.

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