Orlando Retail Business Insurance: How Attitudes Affect the Workplace

Orlando Employment Practices Liability

According to Wharton University professor Sigal Barsade and Dr. Donald Gibson, dean of Dolan’s School of Business, attitudes affect the workplace in a number of ways; they directly affect job performance, teamwork, creativity, leadership, decision-making, turnover, and negotiations. People are conductors for emotions in the same way utility lines conduct electricity, the two said in a paper.

Experts theorize that people with positive attitudes tend to fare better at work because they can process information with greater awareness and efficiency, and more appropriately. People with negative moods and attitudes dedicate excess time and energy to supporting the mood. Even if this is unintentional, it prohibits them from taking in the needed information that can help them perform better in their jobs. A positive attitude takes less energy to maintain, which allows a person to be more responsive.

Responsiveness and emotions are important when it comes to workplace meetings. Let’s say that you are in a brainstorming session or a staff meeting. It would be hard to not be bothered by the negative person who attacks ideas. You should encourage your management and staff to try not to let a negative person become the focal point at a meeting, as this will only cause undue stress.

According to health care providers nationwide, acts such as venting or repressing anger in the workplace increases stress for yourself and others, and can actually lead to a greater risk of developing heart disease and other health-related problems. Emotional management, or changing negative attitudes to positive ones, can actually undo the cardiovascular effects caused by negativity.

At Newman Crane, we understand how important your staff is to the success of your business, and how their emotional well-being plays a role in their productivity and customer service, especially in the Orlando retail Industry. We have insurance plans to protect your retail operation from a number of potential losses, including Orlando Employment Practices Liability and Workers Compensation in Orlando. Please contact us today for more information at (407) 859-3691.