Orlando Manufacturers Insurance: Reducing Manufacturing Risk

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Central Florida business owners need to be aware that although a company may be covered for losses under a typical business insurance plan, there are special considerations involved if you’re the owner of a manufacturing enterprise. You and your employees are exposed to a number of health and safety risks in this type of business. However, by following some general safety practices, you can help reduce the risk of health issues or injuries.

Use personal protective equipment. Recently, InsuranceJournal.com reported that an Illinois-based company was fined $185K for an injury resulting from an explosion, allegedly because workers were not provided with appropriate personal protective equipment. Equipment can include gloves, ear plugs, back braces, boots, eye protection, and safety clothing such as coveralls.

Maintain housekeeping. Floors, walkways, entrances and exits, etc. should be kept clear of any type of debris or liquid. Keeping these areas clean lessens the chance of a slip, reduces the risk of a fire, and promotes a sanitary environment.

Clarify standard operating procedures. You should not only have a method in place for routinely staying safe within your company, but you should also ensure that all workers are properly trained and there is uniform knowledge throughout. Employees should be aware of correct material handling policies, how to shut down heavy or dangerous machinery, where to evacuate in case of emergency, and how to effectively supervise if they are in managerial roles.

Label chemicals and look at environmental factors. Chemicals are potential workplace hazards, whether a factory manufactures chemicals or uses them in cleaning supplies. Other factors to consider for workplace safety involve the environment, such as extreme heat or cold with the building or glare from various processes that can damage the eyes.

At Newman Crane, we will sit down with you and thoroughly assess your current business needs. You may be uncertain as to what a manufacturers insurance plan should include. No two manufacturers are the same, so our goal is to set you up with only those coverages you truly need. Contact our Orlando, Florida insurance office for more information, at (407) 859-3691.

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