Orlando Long Term Care Insurance: Living Longer, Not Healthier

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Orlando Long Term Care Insurance: Living Longer, Not Healthier

Americans are living longer than ever. In the last century, the number of Americans age 65 or older has increased tenfold. This is great news right? Yes and no.

Conventional wisdom indicates that our health steadily improves by generation. With continual advances in treatment and medicine, we will continue to live longer, healthier lives. While the American population is living longer, it is not necessarily in better health. A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine revealed that a portion of the baby boomer generation, specifically the 78 million Americans who were born in the post-war baby boom from 1946-1964 were less healthy than most of their parents.

What’s more, studies are now showing that baby boomers have more elevated levels of certain conditions than previous generations, including obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension. Another study concluded over all that: “Despite their longer life expectancy over previous generations, U.S. baby boomers have higher rates of chronic disease, more disability and lower self-rated health than members of the previous generation at the same age.”

With the healthcare reform and rising medical costs, people are concerned about planning for their future more than ever. As a result, benefits such as pension and profit-sharing plans and Long Term care are becoming frequently requested employee benefits.

Long Term Care provides a means for employees to protect their savings and assets, ease a family’s burden of care giving and offers the ability to choose where care is received.

At Newman Crane, we can provide you with a Long-Term Care program that is offered as part of a comprehensive employee benefits plan. As the population of seniors in the United States booms and elderly people are living longer, millions face a greatly increased risk of medical dependency. Long-term care insurance from Newman Crane is the solution, whether your employees want this coverage for themselves, a spouse or parent.   Contact us today for more information.