Orlando Homeowners Insurance: Closing Your Vacation Home for Winter

Orlando homeowners insurance

As fall rolls in, many owners around the country begin the annual process of shuttering up their Florida vacation homes for the winter. If you plan on vacating a seasonal property around Orlando, here are a few tips you can take advantage of right now to prepare your house and safeguard it until next summer. This post is provided by Newman Crane Orlando Homeowners Insurance.

Evaluate. A few weeks before you leave, examine your house from top to bottom. Find out what broke over the summer, or what is in need of repair. Make sure you have all necessary repairs made before you close up. For the exterior of the house, check the foundation, siding, and trim for cracks and crevices that could admit moisture or unwelcome critters. Clean out the gutters, inspect the roof for any loose shingles, and trim back any tree branches that could cause damage in a strong storm.

Power, gas & plumbing. Electricity should be shut off at the main, but circuits that control the alarm system should be left on. Make sure to unplug appliances, and call the utility company and temporarily suspend service while you’re gone.

Housekeeping. Clean out closets and cabinets, and leave them open to ventilate while you’re gone. Store all bedding in plastic, and cover all mattresses for protection against burrowing mice. In the kitchen, store non-perishable food in metal containers and relocate cans if possible, or take them home with you.

A few weeks before you leave, identify what needs to be done. If you take them step by step, you won’t be scrambling to finish everything at the last minute.

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