Affordable Care Act for Small Business

Orlando Health Insurance: Affordable Care Act for Small Business

As healthcare reforms from the Affordable Care Act beginning to roll out, hundreds of Florida small business owners will now be required to provide health insurance for their employees. As with any large scale reform, implementation won’t be easy.

The federal government will employ hundreds of “navigators” to help uninsured Floridians enroll in health insurance plans in order to comply with the health care overhaul, the Affordable Care Act.

Beginning January 1st 2013 as many as 3.5 million uninsured people in the state will be required to have health insurance. To help assist this healthcare overhaul, Florida will receive $5.85 million in federal grants for navigators. These “navigators” will be a large mix of full- and part-time people determined by those who get the grants. The grantees may also train volunteers – teachers, guidance counselors, school nurses, business staff – to help spread the word and advise consumers.

Training for some prospective navigators has begun, but they don’t have much time. Grant applications are due June 7. Federal officials plan to announce awards by Aug. 15. And enrollment begins Oct. 1, when a federally run online shopping “exchange” will be launched listing insurance policies in Florida.

Last week, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced that Florida’s 48 community health centers will get $8.1 million to help the uninsured enroll.

As this is still developing, many Orlando small business owners are anxious on how it may affect their business. What we do know is the consequences for not providing health insurance for your employees will result in a fine of $2000 per employee.

Based on a study from Enroll America & Census studies, there are:

  • 268,292 uninsured in Orange County, Florida
  • 55,174 72,734 uninsured in Seminole County, Florida
  • 72,734 uninsured in Lake County, Florida
  • 13,720 uninsured in Putnam County, Florida

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