Orlando Flood Insurance: How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Orlando flood insurance

Every region of Florida is vulnerable to natural disasters, especially Orlando. While the Western regions lie in a bed of two hundred potentially catastrophic faults, the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts are very susceptible to hurricanes. Florida is hit by these storms more often than any other state. In fact, the National Hurricane Center stated that Florida has had the most Category 3 and higher storms in comparison to its neighboring states.

Unfortunately, the Atlantic Hurricane Season is between the months of June and November, which is also the season travelers visit Orlando’s Walt Disney World. At the moment, Florida is at its highest peak of hurricane season. Although there haven’t been any signs of hurricanes, it is always good to be prepared. Here a few tips on staying safe during the event of a major storm.

  • Listen to authorities if they speak of warnings, evacuations plans of any other informative news.
  • If your local officials announce evacuation orders, follow them and leave immediately. Do not attempt to save your personal belongings.
  • Stay indoors and stay away from windows and any large glass objects. If possible, stay in an interior hallway, bathroom, or closet.
  • Secure your home. Close all exterior and interior doors.
  • Do not drive. The wind speed is much stronger than what your car can handle.
  • If flooding occurs, turn off the electricity at the main breaker.
  • If it seems like the storm has calmed, do not go outside. The lengths within the eye of the storm vary.
  • Avoid the use of electricity. Turn off any phones and appliances.

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