Orlando Employee Benefits Your Business Should Offer

Newman Crane

According to the life insurance industry research organization LIMRA, only 47% of small businesses in the U.S. offer benefits to their employees. Among the small businesses that offer insurance benefits, medical and prescription drug plans are the most popular. Soon, health insurance will be required for all Americans, and businesses small and large will have to comply with the provisions set forth by the Affordable Care Act. This act does not require employers to offer additional benefits though, however doing so can make your business more attractive to potential candidates.

So what benefits should your Orlando Business offer?


In addition to health insurance and sick leave, PTO is a pretty standard benefit offered by most companies. This is often needed to be competitive in today benefits market.

Disability Insurance

This will not only benefit your employee should they become injured, but it can reduce your company’s financial liability. Other health related benefits that are a good idea to include are group life insurance, and dental and vision insurance.

Fringe Benefits

If possible, you may want to offer use of a company car, a flexible spending account, telecommuting, parking passes, public transportation passes, club memberships, etc.

These are just a few ideas of what your business could offer to its employees. Other benefits that can attract and retain high-performance workers are a 401(k) plan and stock options. At Newman Crane, we understand how important Orlando Employee Benefits are to your staff. We offer Orlando Disability Insurance in addition to many other coverages for our Florida clients. Please contact us for more information at (407) 859-3691.

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