Orlando Car Insurance: Car Technology

Orlando Car Insurance: Car Technology

As Google continues working on their self-driving car. Other auto and auto part makers have developed some pretty cool other technological features.

Imagine never having to inflate your tires again. Goodyear and Bridgestone have both come out with self-inflating tire technology that is intended to keep tires at the proper pressure with no aid from the driver, according to the New York Times. Goodyear’s system is for commercial truck tires; Bridgestone and Michelin have also come up with prototypes.

The benefit for self-inflating tires is more than pure convenience. Maintaining properly inflated tires on the road also increases fuel economy and reduces tread wear. Underinflated tires result in a loss of about 3 percent in fuel economy.

Other automakers are tackling one of our biggest headaches, finding parking. Smartphone apps and GPS devices already account for traffic info. Now, Inrix is delivering Inrix Parking, where live information on available parking spaces and prices is sent directly to drivers. For drivers navigating busy shopping centers, parking structures, or living in large cities, having the parking info available could save a lot of time and headache.

Parking information has been available on apps before- however, by combining the two, turn by turn navigation and parking info could save fuel, reduce traffic, and driver frustration. The system is still evolving. Street parking, for example, will not initially be included.

What new car technology would you like to see in your vehicle?

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