Orlando Business Insurance: Tech Etiquette at the Office

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Orlando Business Insurance: Tech Etiquette at the Office

Tech is great. It’s allowed us to stay organized, boost our creativity, connect with colleagues the world over and conduct our Orlando business from virtually anywhere on the planet. However, the avalanche of technology has also created some new technical faux pas and issues in the workplace. Here are some do’s and don’ts of technical etiquette in the workplace- have we missed any?

Don’t unplug a device that is charging. This should be a general life rule. “First come, first served” always applies in this situation. If your coworkers phone is charging, do not unplug it.

Don’t wear headphones away from your desk. If you are allowed to work with headphones on, take them off if you get up to grab a copy or send a fax. While they are great to block out noise and distractions, wearing them outside of your desk could be perceived as antisocial and rude.

Don’t smear the screen. People can be very possessive with their personal work computers. Don’t touch their desktop screens and don’t ever use a coworker’s computer without their express permission. While you may just want to check something quickly, a co-worker could view it as an invasion of privacy.

Don’t forget to refill supplies. This isn’t a new one, but it is always worth repeating. If you use up the ink cartridge, refill it. If there is a printer issue you can’t figure out, report it. Return borrowed gadgets fully charged. Don’t leave the issue for someone else to handle.

Keep your phone on silent. Nothing disrupts a meeting or workday quite like the blaring of a cell phone. Especially if Beyoncé is your ringtone. Switch your phone to silent when you enter the office.

Any other tech etiquette tips we missed? What are your pet peeves?

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