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Orlando Business Insurance: Relaxation Boosts Productivity

Productivity is an elusive concept. It would be nice to cram a few extra hours into the day, but as that is not possible, instead, we are eternally focused on the “secret” of increasing our productivity, devoting thousands of self-help books, articles, and speeches on the subject. But all that can easily turn into white noise, distracting you with millions of tips rather than helping. A new article in the New York Times keeps it simple: just relax.

The article broaches the idea that the key to doing more is actually to work less. Instead, taking personal time such as longer naps, daytime workouts, more sleep, spending time away from the office, and longer, more frequent vacations all can help increase the productivity when you are at the office.

While this sounds like a dream, the idea is counter-intuitive, especially in a work culture that values working overtime.  But research shows that taking a little more time to relax can boost productivity, job performance, and overall health.

Pushing yourself to the brink actually hurts you in the long run. A study of employees found that sleeping too little (less than six hours a night), was a large cause of burnout. Another Harvard study estimated sleep deprivation costs $63.2 billion a year in lost productivity.

Employees who took an additional ten hours of vacation saw their end of year performance rating improve by 8 percent. Frequent vacationers were also less likely to leave the firm. (Yet on average Americans have an average of 9.2 unused vacation days per year.)

Overall, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, rather than taking time away from your work, helps you use your time more efficiently while you are there.

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