Orlando Business Insurance: Nonverbal Communication in Business

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Orlando Business Insurance: Nonverbal Communication in Business

Nonverbal is the defined as “the process of sending and receiving wordless messages.” Beyond the formal definition, we use nonverbal communication in every interaction. Physical examples can include posture, gestures, eye contact, touch and movement. Other factors, such as clothing and jewelry can also be examples of nonverbal communication (think how you would assess a slovenly dressed candidate in an interview versus a candidate who arrived in an immaculate suit).

In business, nonverbal communication is crucial. Managers use it daily to effectively lead employees and team members. And team members use nonverbal cues to communicate with each other, their supervisors, and clients and vendors outside of the office.

Think of nonverbal communication as complementary to what is being said. It can affirm what you are saying, or if your nonverbal contradict your words (saying you feel fine when you are physically pale and shaking), can undercut the validity of your verbal message.

Examples. In business communication, nonverbal can hold a lot of weight. At a table for example, cooperating people tend to sit side by side, while competitors will frequently face one another. Managers and top executives tend to maintain eye contact longer than subordinate employees. Even touch plays a role. A firm handshake exudes confidence, but other physical touches could be seen as invading personal space.

There are multiple benefits to paying attention to your nonverbal communication in the workplace. It can increase the opportunity to interact with colleagues and can help influence how they perceive you. Posture, vocal tone and eye contact all can help you display confidence, enthusiasm and professionalism.

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