Orlando Business Insurance: Common Employees Mistakes

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Orlando Business Insurance: Common Employees Mistakes

Cyber-security is an increasingly important issue for companies today. But while hiring IT professionals, building firewalls and installing malware protection is essential, one of the greatest risks to a company’s cyber-security is a little closer to home: their employees.

In an increasingly mobile, data saturated world, the increase in online networks has created a new arena of threats for companies. And while security measures are in place, employees can undo or mitigate the strongholds through daily office behavior and interactions. Here are some common mistakes employees make that compromise company security and how to avoid them.

Unauthorized application use. Seventy percent of IT professionals believe the use of unauthorized programs contributed to as many as 50 percent of their company’s data loss incidents.

Remote workers security. Working at home is a great convenience and can save costs, but it also increases liability. Forty-six percent of employees admitted they transferred files between work and personal computers when working from home, breaching company security and privacy.

Misuse of company computers.  Accessing non-work related sites or activities online also exposes a company’s network system to intrusion. And forty-four companies share work devices with others without supervision.

Unauthorized network and physical access. In a survey, 39 percent of IT professionals said they have dealt with incidences involving an employee accessing unauthorized parts of a company’s network or facility.

Misuse of passwords.  Employees often unwittingly share passwords with co-workers, effectively rendering their security useless.

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