Orlando Auto Insurance: The Evolution of the Driverless Car

Orlando, Florida Auto Insurance

Orlando Auto Insurance: The Evolution of the Driverless Car

The driverless car is not a new concept. Rather, it’s been around forever, beginning as a figment of imagination found only in science fiction. Now, that reality is coming closer.

In some ways the driverless care has been steadily creeping up on us for a while now. Many of today’s high-end luxury cars already have technologies akin to driverless vehicles, such as lane assist technology and adaptive cruise control. Others are looking to delve even further with fully autonomous parking technology.

According to the Engineer, car makers see driverless cars as a gradual combination of all of these driving assistant technologies. In other words, the driverless car is a natural evolution, a logical conclusion to all these systems.

Google has jumped on the driverless vehicle project as well. They have a test fleet of autonomous cars and have successfully lobbied Nevada, California and Florida to allow them to test their technology on the road.

There are a number of obstacles that a completely driverless car must address. It must know where it is and where it wants to go. It must have the decision-making capability to know and plan a safe trajectory, factoring in traffic, speed and other vehicles. It must have the sensors to know what is going on around them, including buildings, lights, crosswalks, animals, pedestrians and other vehicles.

To achieve this, Google’s fleet uses a laser scanner coupled with GPS to build up an image of its surroundings. The ultimate goal is not only for the vehicle to collect is own data, but feed it into a vast pool with other vehicles on the road, creating a collective experience that allows each vehicle to plan the best route possible.

Of course, many drivers are unnerved by the thought of entrusting a vehicle with their safety. Others enjoy driving. The commercialization of the driverless car will have a huge impact on the auto industry.

What do you think about the driverless car? What do you think the effects will be? We’d love to hear from you.

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