Insurance News: Heightening Risk Could Threaten Football Program

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As we inch closer to playoffs, the NFL is grappling with their own internal issues; insurance. Football is facing an emerging liability; concussions. There is growing evidence of a link between head trauma and long-term, degenerative brain disease. Rising medical concerns have catapulted the issues into the spotlight, and litigation.

According to the New York Times, the league is facing a raft of lawsuits by former players who accused the NFL of concealing information about the dangers of concussions. But, behind the splashy lawsuit headlines, the discussion could also have a huge impact on insurance. The NFL is currently disputing with its insurers how much money insurers are obligated to pay for the league’s mounting legal bills and the millions of dollars in potential damage that could occur from cases brought by the retired players.

This risk isn’t only for the NFL. Head injuries have become a huge concern in football leagues at all levels, even garnering Congressional hearings. College, high school, and club football programs have to consider it as well. They may be forced to take more drastic measures to keep up with rising liability costs, including raising fees to offset higher premiums, capping potential damages, and requiring players to sign away their right to sue coaches and schools.

Each industry faces different unique risks and liabilities. Especially in physically demanding occupations, maintaining employees’ and players’ individual health is tantamount.

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