Hotel Insurance: Why Hotels Should Care About Online Reviews

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Remember Pre-internet, trip planning? Maps, a lot of phone calls, and stacks of guidebooks (no, not the Kindle, we’re talking stacks of books). In the social media era thousands of online sites, trip planners, and hotel reviews are available in seconds for you to peruse. This post is brought to you by Newman Crane Florida Hotel Insurance.

Consumers rely more than ever on their peers’ online opinions. Especially when planning a trip to an unfamiliar destination, the experiences of other travelers, friends, and family who have been there, becomes crucial.

Destination Advertising has lost most of its credibility. With the constant inundation of advertisements, claims, and promises seen everywhere from passing billboards, to your favorite show and your inbox, tourism bureaus are coming up with more innovative ways to increase tourism. One example is a guerrilla marketing strategy where a large vending machine would distribute active lifestyle products. For more information, check out British Columbia’s Giant Vending Machine. Aside from these extreme advertising examples, people are relying on peer reviews more than ever as the most reliable source of information. What better insight can you get than from a fellow traveler who has been there?

A new infographic by Mashable studies the influence of online hotel reviews in influencing travelers’ decisions. The data is from Olery, an online review aggregator that compiles hotel reviews from across the web in one location for customers to peruse.

According to Olery’s data, most people consult reviews before they decide where to stay. Hotel reviews have grown exponentially. Roughly half of all travelers post reviews, and wouldn’t book a hotel that didn’t have any reviews. Most importantly, 81% of travelers find hotel reviews important.

Breaking the statistics down by gender, men tend to complain more in their reviews, but women write more reviews. Age wise, 75% of hotel reviews were written by travelers between the ages of 25-49. Younger and older travelers tended not to write that many reviews. The top review sites are TripAdvisor,, and Expedia.

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