Homeowners Insurance: Florida Hurricane Season & How to Prepare

Hurricanes can come without warning. Residents of southern Florida quickly learned this once a warning alarm beckoned for less than one minute before Hurricane Irene touched down. Even though an advisory was in affect all day, schools still canceled because of the unsafe conditions of high winds, hard rain, and fierce lightning. Caught off guard and unprepared, Florida’s residents felt the full impact of the Hurricane.

A total of 25 homes were damaged and 6 of them were deemed unlivable. Despite the damage done to the houses, there has been three injury reports that did not need hospital attention. Indian town, 75 miles north of the original touchdown point, reports came in of a barn and a VFW lodge (Veterans of Foreign Wars) being destroyed.

Local area schools have taken the necessary precautions for student’s safety and cancelled class until the storm passes. 55% off all the Florida hurricanes happen between August & September, so be wary.

Florida experiences every type of weather. From rain to Hurricanes, the best way to prepare for these unforeseen events is proper safety and planning. There are several different strategies that can be applied to any scenario, but the best plan of action is to have a plan.

The best protection for your assets is coverage. Newman Crane Insurance will fight the disaster with you. Working hand in hand to provide best service for your situation, Newman Crane can provide a well covered homeowner’s insurance policy as well any personal line of coverage.