Florida News: Commercial Spaceport in NASA’s Land

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Due to the exponential growth of technology and the increase in our knowledge of space, the United States began to commercialize space travel. This time last year, the World’s first commercial spaceport officially opened in Jornadal del Muerto in New Mexico, U.S.A The spaceport successfully launch 12 suborbital launches since 2006. According to spaceportamerica.com, the purpose of commercial spaceports is not simply providing the public an affordable, efficient, and access to space. It is also to inspire the next generation of spaceflight to acquire more knowledge through a genuine hands-on experience.

According to Reuters News, the state of Florida recently asked NASA for land 150 acres north of a former launch complex at Kennedy Space Agency. In June of this year, rumors spread of Florida’s competition with Texas and Puerto Rico to be home to the next SpaceX Launchpad. Space Florida has already been in contract to spend over two million dollars on land surveys and environmental studies in order to get Cape Canaveral Spaceport up and running. Unlike the other commercial space launch pads in Brevard County, Florida and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California; Space Florida will be state-owned , licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration and will function like an airport.

Space Florida President and CEO, Frank Di Bello hopes to use this Launchpad for government purposes, as he believes that the commercial market in the United States has declined and transferred overseas. Di Bello anticipates this spaceport to have a positive effect on Florida’s economy in the near future.

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