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Florida Hotels Find New Revenue Renting Workspace

We’ve talked about the new “social boardroom,” how hotels are redefining the traditional stuffy board meetings for more laid back, lounge or coffee shop style. Now, they are making a concerted effort to draw in business travelers, not only to stay but to work.

The hospitality industry has always courted business travelers. They are a mainstay at hotels. Even when bad weather or economic difficulties keep tourists away, business must go on. But now hotels are offering a new line of amenities, opening meeting rooms and business centers for rent.

The space has always been there- the lounge, the business center, the nooks and crannies of the lobby. Now, hotels are offering up the spaces to business owners- and charging for it. Hoteliers are offering everything from high-top tables, alcoves in lobbies, and small meeting spaces, in addition to the traditional conference room. Hotels benefit from the revenue generated from rental fees, and travelers like knowing they have a guaranteed workspace. Even allowing travelers to book free workspaces benefits the hotel, as many end up buying food and drinks.

It’s an upgrade from the traditional business center that reflects the increasingly transient nature of the workforce.  Workers have an increasingly growing ability to work wherever they want. The increasingly availability of Wi-Fi, smartphones, laptops and tablets has mobilized the traditional workspace. And, as corporations are looking to cut office sizes and allowing workers to work remotely, the hotel spaces are an alternative option. The hotel business spaces appeal to more than just travelers. Nearby residents looking for an office space beyond the local Starbucks can use them as well.

One example is LiquidSpace, an online booking platform that offers short-term work spaces to clients. Hotel space currently makes up about ten percent of his inventory, and is the fastest-growing category in the company.

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Source: New York Times

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