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The line between work and personal life has blurred with the emergence of smartphones. We can send work emails and check documents from home and send texts from our desk. As social life creeps into our workday and vice versa, hotels are taking a cue and redesigning their meeting rooms around this coexistent lifestyle.

According to the New York Times, multiple chains are redesigning their more traditional meeting rooms. Stuffy, formal meeting rooms are now being transformed into more lounge-like areas, aimed to encourage collaboration and the flow of ideas.

Today, almost any information presented in a conference room meeting can be found elsewhere. Skype and video chat have even eliminated the need to physically be there. As a result, the value in face-to-face meetings in conference rooms is networking and building rapport.

As a result, hotel meeting rooms have become social places to for gatherings rather than formal meetings. For example, newly decorated rooms at the Westin New York at Times Square include conversational seating areas, shelves of books, and a permanent central bar and food service area. The effect is more relaxed, residential, and lounge like, instead of traditional formality with little décor.

The options offer more flexibility for hotels too, as the re-imagined meeting rooms can be revamped from a board meeting to a festive event, or casual gathering. They offer a range of options and customization previously unavailable.

What do you think of the new designs? Are they more efficient, or would the new causal trend inhibit work productivity? We’d love to hear from you!

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