Florida Business Insurance: Retail Industry Copying Apple

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Call it the Apple effect. Call it yet another facet of Steve Job’s legacy. Call them copycats. Whichever way you slice it, numerous technology retailers are taking a slice out of Apple’s book- and they aren’t subtle about it.

Retailers across the board from Verizon to Disney, Microsoft and Tesla are all copying the design, layout, and approach of Apple’s stores. And with good reason. According to ASYMCO, Apple stores have seventeen times better performance per square foot of space than the average retailer.

Apple’s stores are known for their clean, open floor plan, friendly employees, minimalist design, and a huge emphasis on interactivity and the overall customer “experience,” and have built all of their retail stores based on those distinct concepts.

According to Forbes, numerous retailers have copied Apple’s design concept. Microsoft hired an Apple store designer and at least one former executive to consult on their new stores. Disney stores have incorporated technology into their stores, designing them as interactive playgrounds rather than well-merchandised displays. Electric car ‘dealership’ Tesla is designed to let people explore Tesla’s technology- like Apple, there is not a single “don’t touch” sign in the store. Former Apple Retail executive George Blankenship is Tesla’s current vice president of ownership experience- he spoke with Forbes contributor Carmine Gallo about Apple’s influence in Tesla stores:

“This looks a lot like an Apple Store,” I [Gallo] observed.
“Carmine, it’s exactly like an Apple Store. Instead of computers, we sell cars,” Blankenship responded as we both laughed.
“We’re not selling you anything. We want you to feel differently when you leave the store. People start talking about Tesla not because we’re pounding it into them but because they’ve experienced it themselves. The goal is to engage you in a way that you’ve never experienced in any other store.”

Whatever design philosophy you choose for your retail establishment, you need Florida Business Insurance protection designed specifically for the unique risks and exposures you face in your industry. At Newman Crane, we have Florida Business insurance plans to protect your retail operation from a number of potential losses, including liability and property damage. Contact us today for more information about our Florida Business Insurance programs.

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