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It’s the conundrum of retail customer service. How do you strike the balance between providing great service to your customers and avoiding the classic stereotyped scenario of the “pushy salesperson?”

Makeup giant Clinique is trying to tackle just that, according to the Wall Street Journal. Typically beauty products are the realm of the makeup artist. You need their help to try on, apply, and purchase any high-end beauty product. Now, Clinique has redesigned the layout of their displays to be more independent and customer centric.

“Carry a Clinique browsing basket and we’ll leave you alone. Promise,” a sign reads above shopping baskets. Clinique’s salespeople are still on hand but you have the option to ask them for assistance if needed. It’s a unique approach in the retail industry, designing a space that isn’t meant to facilitate communication between the salesperson and shopper.

Retailers call it an “open sell” environment. The trend is reflected in establishments such as Sephora, where hands-on product displays encourage customers to play with their makeup. This trend isn’t only in the beauty industry. The hands-on approach has been mirrored in Apple stores, where every device is connected to the internet, ready to be used and to encourage customers to pick up the devices and try them out. In Tesla, designer of luxury electric cars, you don’t see a single “Don’t Touch” sign anywhere in their retail spaces.

The hands-on, try it for yourself approach has cropped up in multiple stores across a variety of different industries. What do you think of this latest retail trend? We’d love to hear from you!

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