Florida Business Insurance: How to Prevent Cyber-Crime

How to Prevent Cyber-Crime

Cyber-threats are an increasingly bigger threat to Florida businesses. In a recent blog post, we discussed why you should be aware of your company’s cyber security as a business owner. This week, we’ll discuss actual tips on how you can protect your Florida business.

Education. This applies to you and your employees. The more you both know about the threats and potential effects of cyber crime, the more knowledgeable and vigilant your company will be about monitoring threats and sticking to best practices.

Use a firewall. Make sure to use the firewall that comes with your security software. They monitor traffic between your computer or network and the Internet and are a good first line of defense in keeping intruders out.

Click with caution. Don’t just blindly click on links, especially when they are messages from people you don’t know. Always be cautious, and look for information that indicates the message is legitimate.

Safe surfing. When shopping or surfing the web, be cautious about where and how you dole out your personal information. Use a search engine to help you navigate the correct web address- it will correct any misspellings and ensure you land on the correct page. (One cyber threat is “typosquatting,” or creating a phony site at an address similar to the real site).

Security. Look for evidence that the site uses encryption to keep your information safe. If make a purchase, for example, there should be a lock symbol in your browser, indicating the site uses scrambling to keep your information safe. Another way to see if the site uses encryption is if it starts with “https://” instead of “http://. “

Use strong passwords. Although it may be easier to remember short passwords, they also make it easy for hackers. When LinkedIn was hacked, some of the most popular passwords hacked included “1234,” “654321,” “link,” and “career.” Using easy passwords that relate to the site you’re on are some of the easiest ways to allow hackers access.

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