Florida Business Insurance: Boost Your E-commerce Retail Website

Newman Crane

In the world of retail and e-commerce, it is a fine line between creating an online business and actually driving a profit. Technology must rapidly keep up with changing consumer demands, whether it is free shipping or easy mobile accessibility.

Mashable recently compiled a list of 10 ways to boost the profitability of your e-commerce site. Whether you are a Florida online retail business entrepreneur or a brick and mortar Florida Business owner looking to expand online, the list has tips for all.

Easy navigation. Make sure every category and subcategory on your website are clearly defined and have a prominent location on each page.

Get a great search bar. Nearly every successful website has a search bar. Make sure it is centrally located and finds specific, relevant results to what the customer is looking for.

Keep it simple. An easy payment system will go a long way in driving profits. One A/B Split Test study found a 20% improvement rate when users were able to check out in one click. (Amazon is one example)

Extra features. Not everyone is purchasing goods for themselves. Offering gift wrap options for example, with personalized notes or free returns, give customers another reason to buy.

Make it pretty. You spend a lot of time developing, purchasing, choosing your product as a retailer. Showcasing them in anything other than a well-designed website only detracts from the product you’ve worked so hard to create. Make sure you take quality pictures of your products too- it’s the first impression many of your customers will have of your merchandise.

Details, details. With a constant influx of information now available, buyers are savvier than ever about their purchases. Proving detailed information regarding the material, size, availability and make of the product will be a great asset in assisting consumers in the purchase decision-making process.

At Newman Crane, we have Florida business insurance plans to protect your Florida Business from a number of potential losses, including liability and property damage (fire, storm damage, vandalism or roof leaks, for example). Contact us today for more information. 

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