Everything You Need To Know About Pinterest For Hotels

Newman Crane

Pinterest is an image-based platform that works great with hotels. You use and create Boards in any category you’d like (Places I’d Like to Visit, Favorite Recipes, Best Hotels, etc.) and post photos to them. There are plenty of ways to utilize Pinterest for Hotels.

Why should you care about using Pinterest for Hotels? For starters, it boasts over 11 million unique monthly U.S. visitors a month according to Tech Crunch. Users are spending so much time pinning that only Facebook and Tumbler users spend more time on site than Pinterest. Below are tips on how hoteliers can incorporate Pinterest into their Hotel marketing strategy.

  • Encourage guests to post photos of their stay at your hotel onto your Boards. Hold a promotion for the best photo, or most pins. Encouraging guests to participate will boost credibility among consumers and increase interaction with you customers.
  • Create boards that showcase your hotel’s unique selling point. Have a waterfront view? Award winning restaurants? Uniquely designed rooms? Whatever makes your hotel unique should be front and center. Pinterest is a fantastic opportunity to visually showcase your hotel’s personality.
  • Get involved in the community. What great restaurants are nearby? Any museums or historic sites? Famous facts? Celebrate the area your hotel is in. Create a board of things to do in the area.
  • Add the “Pin It” button to your blog and photo gallery pages on your website. Encourage guest to share your photos on their own Pinterest. And always make sure you link Pinterest and all of your social media sites back to your website to drive traffic.
  • Post consistently. Pinterest won’t help you if you use it sporadically or don’t take the time to engage and interest your audience. Respond to comments, encourage pins and update your hotel’s profile regularly to keep the content current.

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