Employee Best Practices Liability: Encouraging Innovative Behaviors

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Employee Best Practices Liability: Encouraging Innovative Behaviors 

In a recent study done by Business Alignment Strategies, Inc. researchers looked at how employees decided whether or not to voluntarily engage in innovative behavior, by generating or introducing ideas to the workplace and then implementing them. The study showed that employees were more likely to engage in innovative behavior when they expected it would benefit their work.

The business challenge this presents is how to encourage the best practices among employees in order to empower them to be decision makers in their industry. One of the best ways to do this is by offering continuous feedback on employee performance.

The first step in giving feedback is to be prompt. The message will be a lot more effective if the employee realizes they are consistently being recognized for their actions.  This feedback should be constructive. It’s also important to remember that too much negative feedback often encourages negative performance. On this note, a good rule of thumb is to “praise in public, reprimand in private”.

The second factor in regards to feedback is to always present it as a coaching opportunity. If you must address a negative situation, adopt an attitude that giving feedback is an opportunity to coach the other person to grow. You can achieve this by affirming the individual as a valuable team member, giving them ideas for fixing the problem, and confronting only problems that the employee has the power to change.

Lastly, when giving feedback you should speak productively rather than accusingly, be prepared for any questions the employee may have about your feedback, and understand that any anger or emotion coming from the employee is because they are reacting to feeling offended. This can be diffused by acknowledging the reaction and calmly asking them questions.

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