Employee Benefits: Communicate With Your Employees

Newman Crane

It is a great step to provide a comprehensive Employee Benefits plan for your company. However, it’s essential that as a business owner, you don’t simply provide the benefits, but educate your employees on how to take full advantage of them.

Employee benefits plans are a key tool in acquiring and retaining talent for your company. But healthcare, investment, and financial choices can be overwhelming. Many don’t take advantage because they don’t know how to. They miss out on important benefits and you may miss an effort to build a stronger relationship with your employees.

Communicating benefits can be just as important as benefits themselves. You want employees to be able to do their jobs effectively without worrying about what their benefits program consists of and how/where to get assistance if they need it.

According to Employee Benefit News, employees who say their company has effective benefits communications are more than twice as likely to say they are loyal to their employer. They are also more likely to be satisfied with their benefits and their jobs overall.

Benefits communication can be incorporated through various mediums and at various stages throughout the employee’s tenure with the company. It begins with the interview process, and then can include orientation, program guides and newsletters, compensation statements, webinars, lunch-and-learns, and presentations. The key is consistency; make sure to follow through with employees, make sure they understand and are always notified of any changes to their benefits plan.

We know how important it is to you to have a strong Florida Employee Benefits. It is the single most critical factor in building and preserving health, morale, and retention. At Newman Crane, we will work with you to develop a benefits plan that will help acquire and retain the most talented and dedicated employees. Contact us today for more information about our Florida employee benefits program.

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