Did you notice that gas prices have been going down? It’s true – since May of this year, Central and Orlando Florida have seen some gradual dropping in gas prices. In fact, projections are that the prices will continue to drop as much as 25 cents by December 2011. This is great news to auto owners, as well as businesses in and around Orlando Florida that rely on delivery costs to be low.

According to Neil Gamson, petroleum forecaster for the federal Energy Information Administration in Washington, D.C., one reason we’re seeing the lower gas prices in Central Florida is that we are past the September 15, which is the date when refiners change from the slightly pricier “summer blend” of gasoline, to the winter formula. “Another is that the traditional summer driving season is over, the kids are back in school, and demand has lessened,” he said. And third, some types of crude oil has dropped in price, lowering the average price of the whole crude market. West Texas Intermediate, a type of crude oil considered a barometer for the market, “is down $5 or $6 a barrel. Louisiana Light is down $7 or $8 a barrel.” (Source: Orlando Sentinel)

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