Business: The Visual Appeal of Pinterest & Instagram in Retail

Newman Crane

Almost every retailer today covers the basic social media checklist- Facebook & Twitter. Yet more visual focused sites such as Pinterest and Instagram could turn out to be retailer’s new best friends.

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site: users can “pin” images onto different online boards. Top categories include Favorite Products, Fashion, Home, Recipes, and DIY Crafts. Instagram is a free photo-sharing application that allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter effect, and share them on a variety of social networking sites.

Image-based sites such as these allow customers develop more interactive relationships with retail brands and is another avenue to drive traffic to retail sites. According to, in one study referral traffic from Pinterest for 5 specialty stores rose 389 percent from July to December 2011.

The key is the interactive visualization incorporated into the consumer shopping experience. Take Sephora for example. The beauty industry giant incorporated Pinterest and Instagram into their website platform unveiled on April 9. Every item on Sephora’s online store has a “Pin It” button you can click to add images to one of your boards. The company has also added a new feed on Instagram (a photo sharing social site) where you can get behind-the-scenes looks at Sephora and its staff, and stay on top of beauty trends.

Customers increasingly want to be more involved in their retail experience. From apps to online reviews and social media, customers now expect a more personalized, interactive shopping experience in whichever medium they choose. That is the value of Pinterest. Customers can create and group particular products that resound with them, while simultaneously sharing them with friends. Retailers can inspire creativity with their customers by developing boards and combinations of products that they might not have thought of before.

Regardless of what you are selling, this example resounds for anyone in the retail industry. Whether you are selling clothing, jewelry, furniture or cooking ware, sites such as Pinterest are ideal in a product driven company.

Beyond the realm of social media, a retail business hosting customers on a daily basis can face an overwhelming amount of exposure risks. At Newman Crane we have insurance plans to protect your Florida retail business operation from a number of potential losses. Contact us today for more information.

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