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You already use social media as a brand strategy. You have a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a blog, so why not use your social presence to recruit great talent as well?

Think about it. Social media is no longer the domain of tweens and procrastinating twenty-somethings. It is a powerful informational tool that connects people around the globe instantly. And because social media is a constantly changing medium, it attracts users with progressive skill sets and the ability to adapt to new technology and ideas quickly- users who would make great job candidates.

You don’t need to be a social media strategist to use them as recruiting platforms. Here are some tips from Brazen Careerist to help you get started:

Keep up. Part of the challenge (and excitement) in social media is the constantly changing landscape. Just check out Mashable’s slideshow of how Facebook’s profile layout has changed over the years. And that doesn’t even take into account the number of new features. LinkedIn, just rolled out their new Endorsements feature late September. A speedier version of recommendations, connections can “endorse” candidates for certain skills. The endorsements are listed at the top of a candidate’s profile, making it easy for recruiters to search for qualified candidates.

Plan it out. Make sure you have a clear social media strategy. Just making the profiles and throwing content sporadically onto it doesn’t suffice, and won’t get you the results you want. Think about the type of candidate you want to recruit. By upgrading to LinkedIn premium, you can actually contact potential job candidates who fill the bill.

Use all your resources. Even if you promote job openings on Facebook, let your Twitter followers know. Use your company’s twitter handle to include a job description and shortened URL linking them to the posts (Hiring Product Manager, full-time, salary and benefits). Use hashtags to supplement your post, such as #hiring, #career, #staffing, #NAJ (Twitter speak for need a job?).

Engage. Don’t simply post the job and wait for the emails to flood in. Engage with your audience. Answer their questions. Let them know where they can find more information. Why is your company a great one to work for? With social media, you get out what you put in. Take the time and effort to develop your profiles, and you will find better talent.

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