Florida Manufacturing Industry

Marketing for the manufacturing industry today has expanded beyond traditional outlets of sales reps, trade shows and product catalogs to encompass social media marketing. But simply creating Facebook and Twitter profiles for your company isn’t enough to have a significant impact if you don’t have rich content to provide.

Manufacturing firms hold a great deal of knowledge and industry information that is valuable to customers. Establishing yourself as an industry expert through social media can drive traffic to your site. Blogs are a great way to do this. Blog topics can include introducing new product lines, updates to products, any pertinent client information.

However, to truly capitalize on the marketing potential, a company’s blog must go beyond selling the product. Time must be dedicated to creating content that will specifically appeal to your clients. It will help develop strong relationships and make your blog an online destination to attract new customers. Encourage feedback and discussion, the more people who participate in your site, the more traffic you will generate for your website.

Identify your target audience. What type of industry information is relevant to your customers? Troubleshoot solutions and answer basic questions. Making specific, focused information accessible as a resource to your customers can help develop stronger, more interactive relationships that will create customer loyalty for your brand. You want to create a site that a customer visits regularly, that engages them beyond a one-time need or simply to place an order. This is where blogging is valuable.

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