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Bad news? Your auto shop is missing out on potential sales. The good news? An online-focused marketing strategy can help change that.

According to Business News Daily, some auto shops are missing out on the youngest demographic of customers. Brakes, batteries, and tires are the auto-service industry’s high-volume, high-profit products. Yet, according to Business News Daily, few customers learn about those services from retailers. In fact, in a study of 2,000 vehicle owners, only 5 percent of consumers who needed tires found out about it from a local retailer. For new batteries, it was 9 percent, and 21 percent for brake work.

Drivers usually don’t actively monitor their brakes, battery, or tire health. Neither do auto service retailers. Only one car owner in 12 learned they needed new brakes, tires, or batteries from a dealer or mechanic. Seventy percent of customers reported they realized they needed to replace their battery because it was already dying or dead; 44 percent got new tires when they noticed the wheels were worn out; 69 percent realized they needed new brakes only when their car started squeaking.

And, the youngest demographic with purchasing power isn’t even going to service providers for information. Young consumers under 35 typically research online extensively first. And, they are much more likely to buy tires and batteries online.

These trends expose a gap (and opportunity) in auto services marketing. The process of servicing and buying auto parts has gone online; your marketing strategy should too. Creating a strong online presence can help drive traffic to your business. This can include everything from timely email campaigns reminding consumers to get their oil checked to creating an online shopping platform with detailed product features and service information.

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