Auto Insurance: w82txt Video Contest

Auto Insurance: w82txt Video Contest

Would you drive blind for 6 seconds? I didn’t think so. However, teenage drivers are driving blind on a daily basis without even knowing it.

The average time to text to message is 5-6 seconds. These are the seconds that the driver is left blind while checking their phone. You may do it every day and think you have perfected texting and your phone, but driving requires your complete attention.

A study done reports that 95% of the surveyed said that driving and texting behind the wheel is unacceptable and unsafe but 21% of those admit to doing it on a daily basis.

We all remember watching “Red Asphalt” in our drivers’ education course which focused on the dangers of drunk driving. Because of this, we are scared to death about drunk drivers and the potential destruction they can cause. Yet, we have failed to yet develop a strong advocacy against texting while driving. Believe it or not but texting while driving makes you 23.5 times more unimpaired. In comparison, driving drunk impairs your driving habits by 11 times the normal rate.

The text can wait, and if it can’t, pull over.  The person you are texting will be more satisfied having no response or delayed response than not at all. Friends & families are falling victim to texting while driving, and no matter how important that text may be, it’s not worth the risk.

Whether you are the texter or recipient, make sure that you are not endangering yourself or others.  Sometimes drivers feel compelled to check their phone because they do not want to miss out on something important; this is what some people refer to as ‘FOMO’ (Fear of Missing Out). This includes parents and family, anyone can become the victim. Check out the video below about the some of the people who will never be the same because of this decision.

The number of cell phone accidents continues to grow with the number of cell phone users, let’s stop this now! Become an advocate against texting while driving. W82TXT

We all want to protect our teenage drivers. It’s a parent’s nature to protect your children at all costs. Please educate your new drivers on the dangers or texting & driving. To completely cover them, please look into our Personal Auto Insurance & Life Insurance Lines. Newman Crane & Associates Insurance Serves the Orlando and Central Florida Area. Call (877) 874-4673 for your free quote.

Our Carrier, Auto-Owners Insurance is having a contest on Facebook to help spread the message of waiting to text while driving. Post a video to our Facebook wall for your chance to win an Apple iPad2. Your video must be a 30- second to 5- minute public service announcement (PSA) about not texting while driving.

  • Is there a prize for the Facebook video contest?  Yes, all of the prizes are listed on our Facebook page – 1st prize wins an iPad, 2nd wins a Flip camera, and 3rd an A-O swag bag.