Auto Industry Benefits from Growth in Mobile Search

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It’s easy for the auto industry to brush aside creating mobile friendly sites. Purchasing a car is a huge decision. It requires time, research, and significant finances. Who is going to do that on their mobile phone?

Telemetric and Nielsen data released a report on automotive mobile search data, according to Search Engine Land. The study examined the importance of focusing on mobile SEO versus desktop SEO. Is it worth it for the auto industry to focus on developing strong mobile sites?

Online users can be broken down into several categories: car researchers, car deal hunters, gear heads, and circumstantial or emergency car users. Previous estimates clocked auto consumers using mobile search 15% of the time. As of November 2012, over 30% of searches are coming from mobile devices.

Having a great app won’t necessarily drive consumers to your site. When consumers do use their mobile devices to search for cars, parts, or a local repair shop, they use the web 92% of the time, rather than an app. Overall, consumers didn’t feel the need to download an app, because car searching and auto repair shops are typically only occasional habits and users don’t need an app for regular use.

Of the searches, about half were looking to purchase a car within a day.  63% of mobile car searchers clicked on an ad if it provided a discounted mobile coupon. The top two sites used were Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds. In addition, consumers will use their mobile phones to search for any spare parts needed or auto repair shops in the area.

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