4 Simple Tips for Business Travelers to Stay Healthy

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Travel is a part of many jobs. But traveling around on a regular basis can disrupt your routine and make it easy to adopt unhealthy habits. Here are 4 Simple Tips for Business Travelers to Stay Healthy.

A poll in Employee Benefit News found that that the unhealthiest behaviors happened while you were traveling. Ninety-four percent of those surveyed attributed business travel as a source of “bad behaviors” ranging from drinking too much, a lack of exercise, not getting enough sleep, and eating unhealthy.

Extended business travel was also found to have consequences at home. Ninety-one percent believe too much time away from home due to work increased stress on a marriage and relationships.

Above all, it seemed as if a lack of routine- the healthy habits of your daily lifestyle, were disrupted with travel. Here are a few tips on how to stay healthy on the road.

Drink lots of water. The number one priority when business traveling. It is easy to feel dehydrated on planes and long road trips. Make sure you stay hydrated.

Pack your own snacks. Relying on gas stations and local fast food joints may be convenient, but result in expanding cholesterol heavy waistlines. Pack healthy snacks of fruits, veggies or nuts if possible. Make concessions when you order out in a restaurant- split the meal with your dining partner, or order side veggies instead of fries.

Say no to drinks. The calories in alcoholic drinks can add up quickly. It is perfectly acceptable to sip a soda or sparkling water at a reception or business dinner. You can avoid a headache the next morning, and the unhealthy, empty calories.

Move. If possible, use your hotel’s gym in the morning. Walk around during long layovers in the airport. Take the stairs up to your room. Getting exercise can help you at work. The more you move on your trip, the less lethargic you will feel. It will help boost your productivity and make you more alert.

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